Month: September 2014

The year has not gone as I thought or hoped it would.  I came back from Australia too early.  I spent months looking for a job and thinking about how life could be in the Pacific Northwest even though I’ve never been there.  I did no travelling since I came back in late January.  Finally, a friend told me, “I have a job coming up that you need to apply for.”  It’s at the place I used to work in Northern Virginia, where he and I became colleagues and friends, a place I never intended to return to except to visit.  I start Monday.  This Friday, I’ll be moving back to my old stomping grounds, where I can visit my favorite cupcake shop, eat way too much at BGR, and get overpriced brunch at Le Pain Quotidien, but mostly, it means I’ll be returning to where most of my best friends live, and I am extremely excited about that.  I’ve felt a bit out of the loop all this time, only seeing and talking to my NoVA friends sporadically.

My point is that finally things are happening.  I know what’s happening next.  I have some travel on the horizon too–more details about that later.

So for now I will settle in and see where things go.  Maybe this is how it’s supposed to be.