Month: April 2015

Why I dig where I live now

I had to make a trip to my local post office (to pick up my Matt & Kim signed goodies <3) and decided to make a morning of it by wandering over to the farmer’s market nearby. I remembered during my walk about how I’d long wanted to live in Falls Church…and now I do!

  • The bus actually runs all day 7 days a week.  Not like I’ll ever take it, but I know I have that option.
  • 10 minutes from work.  Beat that!
  • 10 minutes from the gym at work.  Again, doubtful I’ll take much advantage of that, but hey, you never know.
  • Great farmer’s market on Saturday mornings.  It was surprisingly quiet there today, but I guess it’s not primetime for markets yet.  (Bonus:  I can measure its approximate distance from my place by the length of the extended version of New Order’s “Blue Monday,” as I was nearly home this morning by the time the song finished.)
  • Cool restaurants nearby.  Taco Bamba, Mad Fox Brewing, I think Pupatella is not far (still haven’t been there after years of wanting to go), the Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken is opening soon…good times.
  • Very walkable.  Sidewalks everywhere in the City of Falls Church (CFC).
  • Also lots of cute houses (that I will never be able to afford) in CFC.
  • Close to two Metro stations.  It’s the Orange Line (bleh), but hey, at least I can be in Arlington somewhat quickly and not have to worry about parking!
  • CD Cellar.  I have to keep myself from wandering in here whenever I’m nearby. Great selection of used albums, and some new goodies too.
  • I can walk to my local Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.  There aren’t sidewalks the whole way, but it’s only a 15-minute walk to either, so one day, maybe I’ll actually avail myself of that.
  • Close to 495 and 66.
  • CFC is being built up a little bit, with the addition of new (almost certainly extremely expensive) apartments.  Not sure that this is necessarily a great thing, but curious to see what it will mean for the city.
  • Close to the hot mess that is Tysons Corner mall (but mostly Shake Shack). There’s a reason I only go there on weekdays after work, but again, it’s here if I want it.

So, your turn:  Why do you love where you live?

So…where have I been?

In hibernation, apparently.  It was another cold, long winter (the season increasingly grates on my nerves), and to be honest, the year didn’t start off the way I was hoping it would.  My living situation became increasingly stressful (had TMJ symptoms for three months which magically vanished when I moved out a couple weeks ago–imagine that), work was at times completely nuts…you know, usual stupid adult life stuff.  But with the first quarter of the year over (wait, seriously?), hopefully all that’s behind me.

One shining moment from that time was London.  Yes, that trip was nearly three months ago (!!!).  My friend and I had a great time, fitting in a lot of stuff into not quite four days.  And the weather was not typical rainy London–in fact, it didn’t actually rain the entire time we were there!  We saw the sun every day, and for most of the day. Add to that that it was warmer there than in the States, and we were doing pretty well for ourselves.  I hope to do a full post about London soon.

And would you believe that even before I went to London, I was already hatching a plan to check out Portland and Seattle the week of Memorial Day?  I need more of the West Coast in my life, and the trip will allow me to check two more states off my list.  I am desperately trying to save enough leave to take off the rest of that week and maybe have a little left over so I can take a long weekend over the summer.  I promised myself three and a half years ago that I would go back to Asheville, and this summer might be when that happens.  We’ll see.

So, what are y’all up to this summer?