Make Your Own Adventure

I hope the holidays found you well–hard to believe Christmas is over! As we get ready to bring in 2018 (!), I thought I would share this short post I wrote over the summer but never shared. Merry belated Christmas and let’s all have an awesome new year!

If you’re always waiting for someone to travel with you, you’re never going to go anywhere.  It was true before and it still is.  I just had to remind myself.

Whether it’s a big trip for a couple of weeks or just a day trip across state lines, the sentiment rings true.

I had some pretty awesome adventures with friends this summer, including a visit to the new MGM casino in Maryland, as well as a day spent exploring breweries in DC and hiking at a park in Maryland.  But I think I became somewhat dependent on “needing” someone else to hang out and adventure with.

But time, interests, and money don’t always allow, so sometimes you have to strike out on your own, even though you might wonder how your experience would be different if you had someone with you. Don’t let that stop you–in the immortal words of Nike, JUST DO IT.

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