Things I Wish I’d Thought About More Thoroughly

  • My camera:  I’ve had it for 4.5 years.  It’s lived a good life and has served me well.  I use it maybe once a year now, when I go on trips.  I probably haven’t used it since I went to Colorado in October of last year.  And you know what?  It still has a full charge.  But it seems that I left my camera’s cord at home, so once it runs out of juice, I have no way of recharging it. I made this same mistake while on vacation in Utah two years ago, leaving me with only my phone, which leads me to my next point…
  • iPhone insurance:  I haven’t done much research on this since my cell service was suspended the other week, but I’m not sure my travel insurance would cover my iPhone if (gasp!) something should happen to it.  If something did go awry, whatever insurance Verizon offers wouldn’t do me much good since A) my service is suspended and B) I’m on another continent.  And if you read the AppleCare fine print, once you take your covered Apple products out of the country, AppleCare may cease to be useful to you.  So even if I had bought AppleCare for my iPhone, it probably wouldn’t do me any good here.  So I need to insure my iPhone because I use it all. the. time.  Google Maps and iMessage have become indispensable.  I actually use Instagram sometimes for this blog and post pictures and statuses directly to Facebook from my phone.  If something happens to my phone, buying an unlocked one from the Apple store is going to cost me at least several hundred dollars.  Plus I’d have to get a new SIM card.
  • A duffel bag:  Mom and I even had this conversation in the days before I left.  I said that I didn’t need a duffel bag because my backpack would suffice.  But it doesn’t.  It’s hard to stuff clothes into a backpack that’s made for smaller, slimmer things like schoolbooks and electronics.  So today I bought a duffel bag from Lululemon (just saying that makes me cringe a little) because it was walking distance from my current apartment and I didn’t have time to find a cheaper bag somewhere else.  (If you’re curious, I ended up buying a variant of this gem, which I’ll probably review later.  Mine is different in color, maybe owing to the fact that Australian stores carry different color things.  I was fine with the fact that the lining in mine wasn’t paisley.  Bleh.)
  • Jackets:  I only brought one sweater (and I do love this sweater; dark gray goes with everything, right?) and my lovely purple North Face jacket.  I brought no other jackets to vary outfits depending on the weather or whatever look I might want to go for.  Fashion never has been my thing really, but I’d like to be able to at least try a little, and I’ve deprived myself of that chance.

I think that’s all the kvetching for now.  I can’t complain but so much, because tomorrow I’m leaving for the Whitsunday Islands, home to white sand beaches and crystal-clear water.  Looking forward to my trip, as I’ve never been.  While there, my internet may be limited, so I’ll give a full report once I’m back in Sydney.  Until then…

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