This Week in RVA News

Richmond has had quite the week!

The Metro Richmond Zoo might get yet more cheetah cubs!

Another cheetah could be expecting at Metro Richmond Zoo | Richmond Times-Dispatch

On the heels of Richmond’s recent first-ever National Beer Expo…

Guide: Craft beer a heady growth industry | Richmond Times-Dispatch

I went to this yesterday, and it is pretty swanky.  Plus the dessert cases and cooking school look pretty impressive.

Customers get first look at Southern Season store | Richmond Times-Dispatch

Richmond will get more of a taste of DC!  We already knew that another Top Chef alum, Mike Isabella, plans to open a restaurant in Richmond, and the RVA offshoot of DC’s Rappahannock Oyster Bar has been in town for a while.  Personally, I was hoping the news was that yet another Top Chef alum, Spike Mendelsohn, was bringing his Good Stuff Eatery or We, the Pizza to Richmond, but the Voltaggio brothers have made quite a name for themselves, so no complaints there.

Another Top Chef makes a Richmond move | Richmond Times-Dispatch

…Not to mention the less flattering continuing news about apparent poor personal decisions made by our former governor and his wife (widely publicized enough that you hardly need me to tell you about them), and the fact that my high school has chosen to keep the Rebel mascot name, even though it has already done away with the Rebel Man mascot (who was essentially a Confederate soldier).

Richmond-area school to keep Rebels name | Washington Post

Thanks for reading, and make it a good weekend!

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