I’m back!

So I know I’ve been pretty quiet the past couple of months (and my last post was a little bit of a downer…), but I’m settling into the DC area again.  The new job is going well so far, even though I have to just accept that it will be a long time before I feel like I really have a handle on anything.  But that’s the way new jobs go.  It’s nice to be back in Northern Virginia too, where I know good places to eat and shop and I can randomly call one of my friends and ask if they want to get dinner (as I did last night).

And I’ve been making plans to travel!  Earlier today, I made plans to go to Chicago next month!  Super excited for that since I’ve never been!  Plus, a friend and I are going to LONDON in January!  So lots to look forward to (and save money for!) in the coming months.

I can’t believe we’re in the last quarter of the year already!  Where has it gone?  This time last year I was in Sydney living the high life in an amazing AirBNB apartment rental in Mosman.  Yeah, I miss that place.  Hard not to.


Do any of you have exciting plans coming up?

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