I finally realized why people hate cabs

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Mine was good, though much too short, but I saw my family, played with my parents’ cats, got out of town for a bit and ate some good food, so it was a win.  I had a great trip on Amtrak (minimal/no delays!  hooray!) and the ride back on Thanksgiving was even better because hardly anyone was on the train.  Compare that to Thanksgiving Eve, when the train was packed.

So I got back to the train station last night and was going to get a Lyft (since Uber is having all that bad PR lately; sexism and stalking journalists are not cool), but the train station was already closed and I felt that it was too cold to wait outside for 10 minutes, so I got in the White Top Cab waiting in the parking lot.  Almost immediately, the driver was on the phone, and he remained so for the entire drive–he held his phone in his hands, which aside from being an unsafe, bad idea, it is not legal in this state.  To top that off, he nearly went on the wrong exit and I had to correct him–probably because he was on the phone.

Meanwhile, every driver I’ve met through Uber (including the cabbie from O’Hare, since you can’t get an Uber directly from the airport) and the one I’ve met through Lyft has been incredibly pleasant and easy to talk to.  In other words, they treated me like an actual person.  AND Lyft and Uber tend to be cheaper than cabs anyway so they can be competitive.  Win-win!

So give Lyft or Uber a thought next time you need a ride.  You might meet some pretty interesting people!

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