Preparing for takeoff

I write this just having bought a bunch of new clothes at Target (most of which will be returned now that I’ve tried them on…), thinking they could be comfortable not only as pajamas, but in a pinch, as real clothes that could be worn on a plane without looking super out of place.  Genius, right?  (Although honestly, I may want a second opinion just because…well, fashion has never really been my thing.)

But I have larger concerns than what I’ll wear:  My AirBNB reservation in Seattle cancelled on me yesterday without even giving a reason (thanks guys!).  I leave a week from tomorrow!  A friend offered to let me stay at his place, but he lives half an hour outside town (and that’s with no traffic–trust me, after living in the DC area, you learn to take these things into consideration). So finding new accommodations is what I’ll be focusing on this weekend.  Well, that and laundry.

I am thinking about taking a combination body wash/shampoo, but unless I put it in a smaller bottle, it could be confiscated by the TSA.  I don’t like checking bags, but the suitcase I was planning on taking is a little too wide to be considered a carryon according to the airline I’ll be flying with.  I may risk it and see, but I’m not sure how forgiving they’ll be.

Let me know any places I need to check out in Seattle and Portland!  I welcome your advice!  And by all means, tell me about your trips this summer!  I have a bunch of friends who are either in Europe or who have just come back, and I am envious of all of them…

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